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Private Coaching
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Get private coaching on Data Science & Analytics, AL, ML and other related subjects like Statistic.

The Private Coaching is designed for those who thrive in a private setting where instruction, guidance, and materials are designed for individual success.

What You Get?

Customized curriculum, you decide what you want to learn.

Flexible class time set up for your convenience.

Suitable for Postgraduate Students and Entry Level Professionals.

Learning Designed for Your Success


Nothing can replace that unique individual 1-on-1 attention that you get from having access to an instructor where the class materials are designed for your individual success.


Our Private Coaching courses are perfect for individuals who like to move at their own pace and also enjoy being taught in real time by a qualified instructor.


Benefits of Private Coaching

We provide you with leading data experts who are ready to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Ask specific questions, on specific subjects/topics/concept

Interactive, engaging and qualified instructors.

Get real time feedback from instructors on your assignments and projects

Classes are always recorded so you can go back and rewatch if needed.

How it Works

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does private coaching work?
I want an instructor to tutor me on specific topics/subjects, is that possible ?
I need help with my school assignments and projects, can I bring them to the private coaching session?
I am a junior data professional and I need an instructor to tutor me, is it possible?
What subjects can I get private coaching on?
How is Private Coaching priced and how many sessions can I access?

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