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We are happy to connect you with highly sought-after data professionals who will exceed your expectations.

It happens all the time!


The resume seems promising, the interview went well, but when the individual you hired start the job, you suddenly notice that they are not as proficient as promised and are barely meeting organizational expectations.

Tired of hiring, training, and having to let go of employees who are not qualified?

Zacrac Learning is here to help!


As the leading online educational platform for data science and analytics professionals, we are connected with the best data minds in the market who have taken our courses and have proven mastery and proficiency.

We are happy to connect you with highly sought-after data professionals who are ready to exceed your expectations.

Why Partner with Zacrac Learning:
  • Professionals graduated from at least one of our programs

  • Leading experts in Python, R, Tableau, Power BI, Excel, SQL, and more

  • Carefully vetted and interviewed by our diverse and skilled recruitment team

  • Data talents grounded in both foundational & theoretical concepts of Data Science and Statistics

  • We don’t stop after connecting them with you. We follow-up on their performance and provide on-going support.

How it Works

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Complete application form

Review your list of vetted professionals

Interview several candidates, and hire the best data.

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