Data Incubator

A 9-month data apprenticeship program for those interested in starting a career in data & analytics

Program Overview

Our Data Science and Machine Learning Incubator Program is specifically designed to prepare participants for entry-level data jobs. By equipping participants with technical skills, career guidance, and industry-recognized certifications, we ensure they are job-ready and able to make an immediate impact in the workplace.

Technical Training

During the first 6 months of the program, participants will dive deep into the core concepts and practical applications of data science and machine learning. Our expert instructors will deliver live classes, ensuring interactive learning experiences and opportunities for real-time discussions. Additionally, participants will have access to self-paced recorded courses, allowing them to reinforce their understanding at their own pace.

The technical training curriculum covers key topics including:

Python for Data Science

Master the Python programming language and its powerful libraries for data manipulation, analysis, and visualization.

SQL Fundamentals

Gain proficiency in SQL to effectively retrieve and manipulate data stored in databases.

Power BI for Data Visualization

Learn how to create compelling visualizations and dashboards using Power BI, enabling effective data storytelling

By the end of the technical training, participants will have a solid foundation in these essential tools and techniques, ready to tackle real-world data challenges.

Career Service & Support

Participants will receive career support and mentorship in crucial areas such as:

CV Writing and Portfolio Development

Craft a standout resume and build a portfolio that showcases their data science and machine learning projects.

Interview Preparation

Learn proven strategies and techniques to excel in data science interviews, including technical assessments and behavioral interviews.

Professional Networking

Discover effective networking strategies to connect with industry professionals and expand their professional circle

Start Date

11th September, 2023


9 months
(6 Months Technical Training + 3 Months Career Service)

Mode of Participation

  • Online

  • Physical


  • Zacrac Learning Certification

  • Microsoft Certification

Program Structure

3 days of live classes

Interactive sessions led by experienced instructors, allowing for active participation, Q&A sessions, and collaborative learning.

2 days of self-paced learning

Access to recorded courses and learning materials, providing flexibility for participants to review and reinforce concepts at their own convenience.

Fees and Financing

One-off Payment


pay once

(USD900, KES127,500 ZAR10,250)

Monthly Installment


upfront payment



monthly for 6 months

(USD110, KES15,500 ZAR1,245)

Three Installments


per installment

(USD345, KES44,660 ZAR3,590)

Gain practical skills, receive career guidance, and earn valuable certifications along the way.

Enrol now to secure your spot and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a proficient data scientist and machine learning practitioner.