Are you a data professional and would love to share your knowledge?

Join Zacrac Learning as an Instructor and help bridge the knowledge gap in data science & analytics.


Create Self-Paced recorded courses

Self-paced learning is fast becoming the preferred mode of learning for Gen Zs. and Millennials because of the flexibility it offers.

  • Curriculum and storyboard provided by Zacrac Learning.
  • Audio and Video editing handled by Zacrac Learning.
  • Instructors are paid a lump sum to create courses.
  • Zacrac Learning provides end-to-end project management and instructor support.


Hold Online Live Classes

Interactive learning is still very popular and preferred by a lot of learners. Zacrac Learning’s Online Live training is focused on giving instructors the flexibility to teach what they want and earn what they deserve for their knowledge.

  • You decide what to teach.
  • You choose the training days and time.
  • You decide how much to charge for your classes and just focus on teaching.

Become an instructor

Are you interested in building the next generation of data professionals, and do you tick all of these boxes:

  • Highly knowledgeable on data science and analytics
  • Interested and passionate about teaching
  • Have at least 4 hours weekly to record courses or hold online live classes
  • Want to earn a passive/extra income from teaching data science and analytics?

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