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Zacrac Learning was founded by the enthusiastic data nerds who thrive on shaping the pathway for data science and analytics. Our instructors are the very best at what they do and are passionate about teaching their skills to the next generation of data leaders.

Meet Our Instructors

  • Graduated from top Universities.

  • Leading experts in data science and analytics.

  • They are highly respected and valued in the field. Our instructors have been recognized for their knowledge and impact to improving processes and making a great impact in the marketplace.

  • In-depth experience in teaching, coaching, and mentoring.

  • They have a long history of helping students just like you master data science and analytics. They know how to structure the course in order to make it easier for you to learn, grow, and thrive.

  • They pride themselves on passing on their knowledge to you so that you can have everything you need to thrive as a Data Professional. Your success is their success. They’re committed to your growth.

  • Extremely passionate and dedicated to pass on their knowledge to the next generation.

We’re for

the learners, those who thirst for knowledge.

the curious those who know there's more out there in the world and want to gain skills to access the next level in their careers.

the passionate hearts who are eager to soak up knowledge. Because a world without knowledge isn't a world worth leaving in

You - the enlightened soul ready to claim your space to make an impact on data science and analytics.

You! Congratulation on learning, growing, thriving!

Create High Quality Recorded Content For New Generation Learners

Self-paced learning is one of the most preferred methods of learning for Millennials and Gen Zs. The ability to learn a high-level skill from anywhere in the world and at any time provides unparalleled learning flexibility.

Here’s what to expect when you sign up to create recorded courses on Zacrac Learning:

We provide you with the curriculum and storyboard.

We handle all audio and video editing so you can focus on what you do best -teaching!

We pay you with a lump sum to create high quality courses that are recorded at your convenience.

We provide you with administrative and project management support from the beginning to the end.

Teach in Real Time with Online Live Classes

There’s a high demand for interactive online live classes. Our online educational platform makes it easy for you to teach in real time from anywhere in the world.

We take care of the hard stuff behind the scenes and simply the process so that you can choose the topic and structure you want to teach while also having the opportunity to set the price you want to charge for your courses.

Here’s what to expect when you teach online in real time with Zacrac Learning:

  • You choose the topic and structure.

  • You choose the date and time for which the courses will be held.

  • You choose the price for your courses and show up to pass on your knowledge to our dedicated students.

  • We share the revenue with the instructor getting at least 60%.

Make an Impact.

Teach the Next Generation of Leaders

We receive hundreds of applications from prospective candidates who want to join our team. While we are grateful for the interest, we invite less than 20% of them for an interview and hire less than 5% after they go through our extensive recruitment process. The reason for that is simple. We are the leading educational data science and analytics platform. We offer the best; therefore, we ensure that our instructors are the very best.

Think you have what it takes to pour your knowledge into our students and help them succeed? We are committed to partner with Instructors who are:

Highly knowledgeable on data science and analytics

Dedicated and passionate about passing on their knowledge to others

Available for at least 4 hours weekly to record courses or hold online live classes

Excited to earn passive income doing what they love—teaching data science and analytics

Our Hiring Process:

We review your application

We invite you to participate in an interview

If everything goes well, you will get a confirmation

Congratulations. We welcome you at Zacrac learning!

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